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Below is a list of standard mixing & mud tank features, but we also fabricate accumulator, hydraulic, fuel, & water tanks.  The expertise of our staff combined with our 3-D drafting capabilities allow us to create custom designs that can accommodate the goals of any project.  Our press brake allows us to crimp tank walls on site, which speeds up the delivery process.  We offer all of our customers turn-key operations, but we routinely complete modifications, repairs, & NDE testing of existing units in order to keep them in working condition. Contact us today & let us know how we can help you.

Standard Features

  • 15 BBL - 500 BBL
  • Round & Rectangular Tanks
  • Aluminum Barrel Markers
  • Mixing Paddles Powered by 2000 Series or 6000 Series Charlyn Hydraulic Motors
  • Electrical or Hydraulic Centrifugal Pumps
  • Electrical or Hydraulic Gearboxes
  • Flow Control Meters
  • 6" Equalizer
  • One or Two 4" Manifold Lines
  • 2" Fill Line
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